Chips & Divots: Power Tips for Women

Hey, ladies – prove your power on the green with these six pointers!

1. Have the correct stance.
To allow for a big, powerful swing, your stance is important. Make it wide, and keep your weight on your right side with your head and shoulders slightly tilted to the right. Be sure to hold the driver far enough away from your body to allow room for your swing.

2. Swing off the ground.
Take a few practice swings and swing your clubhead several inches off the ground. This will lead your swing more around your body, which will increase your swing speed and distance.

3. Swing all the way through.
Attempting to slap the ball or scoop it into the air will cause your clubhead to lose power. Swing all the way through while allowing the club to accelerate, creating full impact to the ball.

4. Sweep the ball.
Do not hit down on the ball. Instead, sweep it off the tee more maximum distance and accuracy. Extend your arms through the swing so the club catches the ball on the upswing, sending it farther and straighter.

5. Keep your hips still.
Winding up the upper body while resisting movement in the lower body creates a major source of power, almost like a slingshot. The more your turn your upper body, the more momentum you get. Your hips will unwind naturally, so don’t think about moving them too much.

6. Shift your weight.
Once you master the proper stance before you swing and know what to do during the swing, you need to think about what happens after your swing. As your rotate your body’s core through the shot, shift your weight from your right side to your left side. Finish with your thighs close together, creating an inverted V with your lower legs from the knees down.

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