Chips & Divots: Hitting Over Water

Laguna Oaks Golf Course in Cape May Court House presents many challenges to even seasoned veterans. Local architect Fred Langford designed and constructed Laguna Oaks with many water hazards that come into play during a game of golf, including ponds, lakes, waterfalls and even an island green completely surrounded by water on all sides, accessible only by crossing the scenic bridge through the gazebo.

Lucky for you, we have some tips to help you beat Laguna Oak’s water challenges and keep the ball dry:

1. Have the right mindset.
Mental approach is very important in the game of golf, especially when it comes to hitting over water. Focus on the green, not the water. You tend to hit the spot your mind is focused on before the shot, so as tempting as it is, do not look at the water. Look at your target, then down at the ball. Get ready to swing and think green!

2. Take practice swings.
Practice swings will help you get a feel for the distance. Hit the imaginary ball into the water, over the green and onto your target. These practice swings will help you get a much better sense of distance.

3. Hit down on the ball.
Avoid a scooping motion, for this will NOT lift the ball over the water. Instead, extend your arms in front of you and hit down on the ball with an accelerating motion, creating a natural loft. Also, make sure you hit through the ball, not at it.

4. Keep your body turning through the shot.
If you stop your body from turning as a result of fear or lack of confidence, you’ll most likely hit a fat or thin shot. Keep your body turning and feel as if from the waist up, you are moving in unison toward the target.

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