Cape May Local Seeks Opportunity as Paid World Traveler

Brianna Platzer, 22, of Cape May has always been a self-described “travel junkie”. Recently, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capitalize on this passion for exploration presented itself. She jumped at the chance.

Jauntaroo – an online “Vacation Matchmaker” – is currently conducting a search for their “Chief World Explorer”.

“Jauntaroo’s mission is simple – to match travelers with global vacation destinations. Simply click what you love in vacations and we’ll match you with destinations based on your preferences and budget! Some think of us as a vacation search engine – we consider ourselves your Vacation Matchmaker!” explains the website.

Dubbed “The Best Job Around the World!”, the Chief World Explorer will travel the globe for one year visiting destinations, sharing experiences, and creating content for Jauntaroo, all while earning a generous salary.

A true adventurer, Platzer spent her second semester of her junior year in college aboard a ship as a student of the “Semester at Sea” program. She attended classes at sea, but learned a wealth of cultural information at each of the ship’s brief stops in China, Vietnam, Singapore, Burma, India, Mauritius, South Africa, and more. She also spent several weeks of her college career studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain.

Applicants are required to create and upload a 60 second video explaining why they are the best person for the job. Brianna chose to share her most striking photos from destinations she has already visited, while explaining to viewers why she “needs more”. Her favorite Jauntaroo destinations include Machu Picchu, Phuket, and Rio de Janeiro, but she is ready, willing, and excited to visit even more exotic destinations.

Jauntaroo representatives will review all video submissions after Sep. 15, selecting their Top 50 Candidates. These finalists will be designated by the number of “Likes” their video submissions have received. Next, the Final 5 Candidates will be flown to a secret location for in-person interviews.

Brianna asks the Cape May County community for its support in helping her attain her dream job as Jauntaroo’s “Chief World Explorer”. While visiting the world’s most unique destinations, she plans to share her love for beautiful Cape May.

Follow this link to Brianna’s video application and hit “Like” in the red box above to help this local dreamer attain “The Best Job Around the World!”: .

Brianna has issued a heartfelt “thank you” to all supporters. “I promise to share my adventure with you every step of the way!”