Books for the Beach

Grab a beach chair, hat, glasses and bury your feet in the sand while you relax on the beach reading some of the bestselling novels out today.

For the ladies :

1.) Faithful Place by Tana French

Frank Mackey grew up poor in Dublin’s inner city where he was living crammed in a small house with his family. He has dreams of living a better life, with plans to run away with Rosie Daly to London to get married, get a good job, and leave poverty behind forever. Just when they are supposed to take off, Rosie doesn’t show up. Frank figures that it’s Rosie’s way of telling him that she does not want to go and that she has chosen to break up with him because of his alcoholic father, his crazy mother, and his dysfunctional family. Because of this, Frank never returns home, but neither does Rosie. Everyone assumes Rosie left and went to London by herself, but twenty two years later, a suitcase shows up at the back door of a derelict house and Frank is forced to go back home. Frank is willing to do whatever it takes to find out what happened to Rosie. Will he ever know?

2.) How Did You Get This Number by Sloane Crosley

A new anthology of personal essays, the author shows her whimsical observations of many different locales such as Paris, Portugal, Alaska, and of course her home and relationships in New York City. This anthology will leave you continuously laughing and wanting to read more.

3.) Calling Invisible Women by Jeanne Ray

Clover Hobart, a 50 year old wife and mother of two, looks in the mirror one morning and notices that she can see her reflection in the bathroom mirror. Because of this, she assumes that she has had a stroke. Neither her husband nor her son notices anything different, so Clover then begins to feel overlooked. This novel tells a humorous story of how Clover Hobart regains her sense of self. As time passes, her journalism career evolves into a weekly gardening column, so she fills her days with her dog, cooking dinner, and doing her duties for her husband.

For the men:

1.) Think of a Number by John Verdon

A retired NYPD homicide investigator starts getting letters that begin as a puzzle then wind up being part of a serious serial murder investigation. He gets pulled out of retirement to help work on the case when the police fail to make any progress and the killer’s ambitions grow. Will he solve the murder or will the letters never end?

2.) Childhoods’ End by Arthur C. Clarke

After a peaceful invasion, a species of unknown aliens take over and rule in silence and seclusion triggering a golden age for all of humanity. The demand to know these saviors reaches an all-time high and man’s ability to understand the truth is put to the test.

3.) White Noise by Don Delillo

A professor obsessed with Hitler studies, an airborne toxic event, and a series of drug addictions. Delillo underlines issues of media saturation and consumerism in many different ways which you will find humorous. Will they survive the airborne toxic event or will they take the fall?

By Brittany Cassidy