Bicycle Rules & Safety Tips

Know the rules of the road! By order of NJ Statute Title 39 Traffic Regulation, bicyclists must:

  • Ride on the right hand side with traffic, not against it.
  • Wear a helmet up to age 17.
  • Use a light at night.
  • Ride single file in traffic.
  • Stop at the sidewalk when exiting an alley.
  • Not use a cell phone while riding.
  • Obey red lights and stop signs.
  • Not ride on the sidewalk, unless under age 11.

Other bicycle safety tips:

  • Use proper hand signals.
  • Yield to pedestrians.
  • Lock your bike if you stop to beach, eat or shop.
  • Make eye contact with drivers.
  • Ride predictably and stay visible.
  • Stay alert and aware of your surroundings.
  • Parents should ride with children, and keep children on the inside away from traffic.