Beat the Winter Blues: Part Two

As the sun continues to set in the early evening and summer seems impossibly far away, it’s easy to fall victim to seasonal depression. Avoid the wintertime slump with a hands-on craft, classic novel, or even by picking up a new indoor skill. Check out our complete list of suggestions to beat the winter blues and keep spirits up even as temperatures drop. Though a summer destination, Cape May County can and should be enjoyed in all its wintry glory.

1. Become a baker.
Channel your pent-up, indoor energy into a baking project and everyone will reap the benefits. You can feel accomplished while killing a few hours and other members of the household can enjoy delicious homemade eats. Fine-tune your baking skills for life and cement your status as designated dessert provider at future parties. Don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone and try new and different recipes, such as that for Apple and Pecan squares or even Avocado Holiday cake. While chocolate chip cookies are a classic, there’s so many more baked treats out there to be attempted. Expand your homemade horizons!

2. Participate in community events.
The winter months offer the perfect opportunity to discover your town. What types of events are taking place in your community? Are there any community organizations with which you might enjoy some involvement? The best place to start this discovery process is the Herald’s online calendar, the County’s source for local happenings and community meetings. Stay up-to-date at

3. Host Family Fun Nights!
Incorporate family fun nights into your week and plan themes accordingly. Schedule a pajama party and movie night one evening and an indoor campout, complete with a tent inside, another night. Family game night is also a great way to get the whole crew together without leaving the comfort (and warmth) of your own home. The classics, such as Monopoly, Life, and Scrabble, are always a good choice, but incorporate some more modern options, such as Apples to Apples or Cranium, to keep things interesting.

4. Get in touch with your kids or your inner kid with a craft day.
An easy and quick way to entertain kids and even adults of all ages is with arts and crafts. Keep a variety of art materials on hand that can be brought out at a moment’s notice. Items can include paper, markers, paint, pens, glitter, sequins, milk jug tops, toilet paper tubes, tissue paper, wiggly eyes, feathers and glue.

5. Try a new restaurant.
Consult the “Do The Shore” section of this edition of the Cape May County Herald for a full directory of year-round dining destinations and the scoop on all of their specials, deals, and entertainment. For menus and a more thorough rundown on each of these premiere establishments, visit Early Bird deals are a great wintertime option, allowing you to be seated just before the scenic sunset while saving you a pretty penny. Bon appétit!

Stay up-to-date on fun local events set for the winter months with our weekly Do The Shore Column – the authority on who, when, where, and what is happening throughout Cape May County. Be sure to consult our winter advertisers’ weekly specials for even more great ideas on defeating the winter blues.