Beach Etiquette: Don’t be a Bummer at the Beach

The sun is shining, the water is warm, and nothing can ruin your day at the beach. That is, until someone’s poor beach etiquette spoils your fun. Follow these basic tips to ensure a good day or to avoid harming someone else’s.

1. Observe the locations of those already situated on the beach.
There is nothing worse than setting up your camp on the beach and having another group set up what seems like, on top of your things. Be mindful of everyone’s space. Unless the whole beach is filled to the brim, there is no need to be right next to someone.

2. Take your ball game to the back of the beach.
Games of catch, Frisbee, Wiffleball or paddleball are all fun activities to pass the time at the beach but be aware of your surroundings. If the beach is packed with people along the water’s edge, it may be a sign to take your high energy game back beach. These games can get dangerous if you are near crowds. No one wants their relaxing beach day to be ruined with a trip to the hospital.

3. Secure your umbrella.
Sun safety is an important part in reducing your risk of melanoma or just relief from a strong summer sun; but if the wind is blowing, an umbrella can become a dangerous beach accessory. Make sure your umbrella is securely in the sand. If the wind is blowing, tilt the umbrella towards the wind so it cannot go underneath and carry the umbrella down the beach.

4. Do not feed the seagulls!
Although it may be fun to see the birds up close, feeding them is a no-no! Besides risking the birds biting your fingers, your neighbors on the beach may not find the wild animals as amusing as you.

5. Listen to the Lifeguards.
You’re paying to enjoy the beach, but why are these people with whistles telling you what to do? Lifeguards are put through a rigorous training process to make sure they are able to keep you safe. The ocean is unpredictable and these people can see danger that you may not be able to. Always listen to what lifeguards instruct you to do, and remember, when in doubt, don’t go out.

6. Have fun and use common sense.
Although there may be many unwritten rules to enjoying the beach, always remember to have fun. Following these simple steps will allow you, and everyone around you, to have the maximum amount of fun.