Bartender of the Week: Mariah Ritchie at Two Mile Landing & Crab House

By Grace Galbreath

Our next mixologist of the week, Mariah Ritchie at Two Mile Landing & Crab House, hails from Wildwood Crest. Although Mariah is relatively new to bartending, she enjoys learning all the tricks that come with the job!
Located on the edge of the Crest, Two Mile Landing is a popular destination for great food and even better drinks. The waterfront location offers two restaurants, The Crab House and Two Mile Restaurant and Bar. The site also offers boat docking.

Set on the water, Two Mile Landing offers vacationers and locals a great view and phenomenal food.

This summer, Mariah will celebrate her third year of employment at Two Mile Landing. She said, “I started bartending here at Crab House towards the end of the season last year. They have been trying to get me a little more experience this year. It has been an overall huge learning experience and a definite shift from serving in a lot of good ways.”
For Mariah, the community of employees she interacts with daily remains the best part of her job.
She said, “The managers have really taken care of me as far as any personal needs I have had. Any time off that I have needed, I have never had an issue. We get to joke around with them, and I feel that I am very well respected as an employee. Also, the people I work with on the floor are great. They get me through the day when it gets hard sometimes.”
She added, “There is a really tight-knit group of people that work here, and they are really dependable.”
In the off-season, Mariah seeks out creative and artistic opportunities. She enjoys writing and starring in plays with her friends. She also sings.
She said, “I like to play music, guitar and piano. I love singing. I also love to write stories, basically scripts. I also love hanging out with my friends at the Crab House.” In the future, Mariah is planning to move to Atlanta, Georgia for better film opportunities.

Two Mile Crab House is open seven days a week, all summer long!

On the vast Two-Mile Landing menu, Mariah’s favorite dishes are the Crabby Tots and the Blackened Mahi Sandwich. While the most popular drink on the menu is the Orange Crush, Mariah prefers the Watermelon Crush. She said, “I personally love the watermelon crush. I love watermelon, watermelon juice is my jam.”
Two Mile Landing’s famous Crushes are made with flavored vodka, triple sec, lemon-lime club soda, and the corresponding flavor of freshly squeezed fruit juice. The menu boasts six flavor options, including a Strawberry Orange Crush, a Creamsicle Crush and Mariah’s favorite, a Watermelon Crush.

The Orange Crush, a refreshing cocktail, is Two Mile Landing’s most popular drink.

Stop by Two Mile Landing Crab House before the summer comes to an end to say hello to Mariah! Tell her Do the Shore sent you, and ask for her favorite drink, a Watermelon Crush!