Bartender of the Week: Flip Flopz

In this week’s quest for a top local mixologist, we set our sights on an island getaway. No, we did not escape to the Caribbean. Rather, we hit North Wildwood’s very own tropical paradise. Flip Flopz Beach Bar & Grill proudly features its scenic Tiki Topz Poolside. Because the the ocean breeze and ocean views are best enjoyed with a cocktail in hand, we headed over to the Tiki Topz bar where bartender Matt was mixing up lots of tropical concoctions. This friendly mixologist would soon become our pick for bartender of the week. Matt has been a member of the Flip Flopz staff for 7 years now and has been bartending for a total of 2. The absolute best part of the job for Matt is “being a part of the party while working”. The great atmosphere and nice views at Flip Flopz also don’t hurt.

If asked to make a Matt signature Flip Flopz cocktail, he goes with a Rum Runner on the rocks, “because it’s sweet and has a nice kick to it.” However, Matt’s personal drink of choice when he’s off the clock and kicking back is a sweet tea vodka and water mix. When Matt does have a day off, you can find him sitting on the other side of the Tiki Topz bar getting a taste of the experience his customers love. Matt also gets musical in his down time, playing the drums for fun. Come visit this bartender of the week at the Tiki Topz pool deck that he confidently says “can’t be beat”. Tiki Topz pool parties kick off each Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m. throughout the summer season and feature live D.J. entertainment.

By Meg Kummer