Bartender of the Week: Echo’s

This week, we honor Ronnie “Tsunami, Hits the Shore like a Hurricane” of Echo’s as our outstanding local bartender. Ronnie has been a member of the Echo’s staff for two years now, but his bartending career first began five years ago. Though Ronnie is originally from Kensington, the North Wildwood community is definitely glad he’s brought his talents here. The best part about his bartending gig? Ronnie Tsunami loves that he can work at night while socializing with friends and has lots of free time during the day. When asked for his professional cocktail recommendation, Ronnie goes with “The King” – made with coconut water, Three Olives vodka, pineapple juice, and “a whisper of Cranberry”. But when Ronnie is off the clock and enjoying of few drinks of his own, his go-to choice is the “Ron Hat”. Even in his leisure time, Ronnie loves the Echo’s vibe. “When I’m not working, my favorite place to hang out is Echo’s,” he states with a smile. But Ronnie also enjoys holding hands, long walks on the beach, writing poetry and, of course, puppies.

Mixology is not Ronnie’s only talent, however. He is actually also a semi pro golfer and has been for the past ten years, starting on the green at the age of 13. Another fun fact about Ronnie Tsunami is that he can confidently say that he has “the worst tattoos on the island – guaranteed!”. For those who haven’t checked out Echo’s yet, Ronnie assures us that this relaxed and friendly atmosphere is definitely worth the trip. Plus, the new “penalty box” kitchen, as staff refers to it, is proud to present an all new menu of interesting bar food favorites with a unique Echo’s twist. Swing by and say hello to this personality-filled bartender of the week and you won’t regret it.

By Meg Kummer