Bartender of the Week 8/2 – 8/8

This week, we chose to honor an entire stellar bartending staff. The boys of the the P1 Bar at the Princeton of Avalon came highly recommended by both manager Pam and loyal Princeton customers. Here, we cover the who’s who of the P1 and all their important mixology stats.

Randy Park has been a member of the Princeton team since 2007, but has been bartending for a grand total of twenty three years. Originally from Media, PA, Randy is grateful to be a member of the Princeton’s summer staff who he refers to as his “family away from family”. But the friendly guests are also an added bonus. Randy recommends that Princeton patrons sample his Ketel One Dirty Martini, but his personal favorite is a simple pint of Guinness. When he’s off the clock, you can find Randy enjoying a day on the beach with his family and, of course, doing so safely. “I’m a huge safety nerd,” Randy laughs. “My kids make fun of me for it all the time.”

Next in the P1 lineup comes Doug Gresock, a seven year Princeton veteran. He lives for the lively and upbeat atmosphere that characterizes the Princeton. “Just the sheer volume of people that are in here every night. And everyone is always in a good mood. It’s awesome,” he states. Be sure to sample his signature “Fun Doug Punch” – made with cherry vodka, triple sec, and orange, cranberry, and pineapple juices – for a refreshing kick. In the offseason, Doug keeps high school students’ grammar in check as a 10th and 12th grade English teacher. Though most Princeton visitors might not know this, Doug actually has a quite famous relative. The guy in the top hat responsible for pulling the national groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil Sowerby, out of his hole each spring in hopes for a summer prediction is Doug’s cousin.

John Rennie, our 3rd featured P1 guy, has also been working at the Princeton for seven years now but has been tending bar for a career total of thirteen years. What he loves most about his job is the potential to create lasting relationships with his customers for years and years to come. John has become close friends with Princeton regulars, hanging out with them outside of work and receiving birthday gifts for his two year-old son from one particular patron. For those who may have a tough time deciding which of the Princeton’s signature cocktails to go with, John recommends a Caborita, made with Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo Tequila. John assures us that P1 patrons have quite the show to look forward to nightly as the P1 staff let loose at midnight, dancing with their flashlights as Adam Joubert makes it rain with napkins.

Speaking of Adam, he rounds out the P1 team as their fourth member. He’s been working at the Princeton for ten years now, starting as a bar back and having since graduated to master mixologist. There’s never a dull moment at P1, and Adam loves the fact that he keeps busy and gets to work alongside a great team. His personal favorite cocktail is a “007”, made with orange vodka, Sprite, and orange juice and is simply “delicious” he assures us. His favorite 7 Mile hangout is the Avalon Yacht Club, but he also likes to unwind at Fred’s Tavern when off the clock.

Last but certainly not least, “The Mayor” (as all Princeton patrons and staff know him) leads the P1 team. He’s a true Princeton legend, having started there approximately forty years ago as a teenage bar back. “The people are the same, but the Princeton has evolved with the town of Avalon,” the Mayor assures us. But he still looks forward to meeting new Princeton people each and every shift. Although his drink of choice is a margarita, the Mayor makes a mean cosmo. You can find him at the Princeton most times of the day, but when he’s not there, the Mayor is most likely spending time with his six kids and family.

By Megan Kummer