Bartender of the Week 7/5-7/12

This week’s exceptional mixologist hails from Jake’s Bar & Grill of Villas. Bill has been a loyal member of the Jake’s staff for three years now and loves the culinary perks of the gig. “The food is just dynamite. That’s why we’re busy all year-round,” Bill assures me. Having graduated from bartending school in 1979, Bill has been serving thirsty bar patrons ever since. Originally from Delaware County, Bill now resides in the Villas just minutes from Jake’s. Bill’s personal cocktail recommendation would have to be Jake’s Mango Margarita. Made with Mango Schnapps, Tequila, Triple Sec, and the rest of your typical margarita fixings, this tropical cocktail is sure to please. When he’s not quenching Jake’s patrons’ thirst, Bill likes to work on his art pieces, carved from local driftwood or crafted with stones he has found along the bay.

Spend Happy Hour with Bill from 11 am to 4 pm daily at Jake’s sprawling indoor bar and enjoy beer and mixed drink specials. Or stop by Jake’s on a summer night and hit the outdoor bar for dollar mugs. Jake’s has light, summertime favorite brews on tap including Shock Top and Farmhouse Summer Ale and classic choices such as Budweiser and Rolling Rock. Looking for a Jake’s signature dish to pair that beer with? Bill absolutely loves Jake’s seafood. Caught locally and prepared “fresh, right out of the water”, sample the Cajun Shrimp or the Deviled Clams.

By Megan Kummer