Annual Aerobatic Contest “AcroBlast”

ERMA – Today, Cape May Airport (WWD) officials announced that the Airport will once again host “AcroBlast,” an aerobatic contest sponsored by Chapter 58 of the International Aerobatics Club (IAC). The event will take place beginning Friday, May 29 and conclude on Sunday, May 31, 2015.

According to Tom Berry, Airport Manager, the event is one of many regional contests held throughout the United States during the spring, summer and fall. “We’re pleased to welcome the membership of Chapter 58 for its annual “AcroBlast” competition,” Berry said. “The IAC encourages education, idea exchange, practice sessions and – contests like “AcroBlast” so its membership become better and safer pilots.”

Berry added that the event is not airshow, but a contest designed to promote precision flying and pilot education in a controlled environment.

In aerobatic competitions, every competitor flies a series of flights that are graded by a team of judges. The judges grade each individual figure flown, as well as how well the sequence is positioned within the aerobatic box. The figures are graded on Precision of the lines and angles, roundness of full and partial loops, symmetry of figures, as well as other factors outlined in contest rules.

Approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and the New Jersey State Division of Aeronautics, the contest is undertaken in cooperation with the Delaware River and Bay Authority, Cape May County, and the Township of Lower.