Alexandra Day Features Warm Acoustic Sound

Alexandra Day has always been interested in music, or at least for as long as she can remember. “I was a musical child, a musical baby” she claims.“It’s always what’s been going on.”

Alexandra got her first start performing as many of us do, in elementary school chorus. She had her first solo in 1st grade and never looked back, from writing her own songs in middle school to performing in high school musicals and eventually becoming a voice major at Temple University in Philadelphia, specializing in Opera studies.

This extremely talented musician plays the piano and, as she puts it, the “camp fire” guitar. Her sound is self-described as modern/acoustic/folk, influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan and Patty Griffin, among others. Although Alexandra has her own style, she does not let that stop her from experimenting with genres. For example, when she performs in bars she may do a lot of covers from country to pop, Pink to Norah Jones. “I see a lot from behind the piano and I see how people react,” she explains. Besides solo acts, Alexandra also performs with the wedding band Renaissance Orchestra which covers a lot of different genres as well.

Alexandra was first introduced to Cape May County by the Herb Moore Trio, a jazz band featuring Herb Moore on guitar and Terry Dougherty on bass. The group performed together at The Virginia Hotel in Cape May, with Alexandra eventually moving on to do a weekly solo gig for over six months. She later moved to one of Cape Resorts’ other properties and began performing with a full band at the Boiler Room. “We would do the same songs by artists that wedding bands would do such as Justin Timberlake and Stevie Nicks,” explains Alexandra.

Alexandra describes her favorite performance as, “Any show where people are affected by what I am singing.” According to Day, the location could be at a wedding or in a tiny lounge as long as a connection is made between Alexandra and her audience. This desire to connect with listeners is largely part of the reason why Alexandra enjoys playing house concerts most. Such venues allow small audiences to hear her play, relax and let musical moments happen in an intimate setting. But don’t let Alexandra fool you, she also enjoys venue concerts as well.

If you are interested in hearing Alexandra’s music, you can pick up or download either of her albums, “No Castles No Moats” and “Untangle” and listen to Day’s favorites from each, Tofu Song and Fall’s Last Kiss. In addition, get ready for her new EP in collaboration with Ken Pendergast, as well as her own solo album.

Be sure to check out Alexandra’s performances every other Tuesday at The Crab House at Two Mile Landing.

By Traci Hofer