A Christmas Kiss in Cape May

Author Terry Harris invites visitors and locals alike to purchase his Amazon Kindle book, “A Christmas Kiss in Cape May.”

This romantic holiday treat is set in beautiful Cape May and introduces the reader to the Calahan family. Sean and Mary are excited to welcome their beautiful daughter, Ashley, and their sweet granddaughter, Elizabeth, to a special Christmas celebration.

Ashley is surprised when she meets a dashing and handsome tour boat captain named Patrick and is instantly attracted to his sensitivity, intelligence, and inner strength. Ignoring her father’s objections and her own innate shyness, Ashley heeds her daughter’s advice to take a chance on romance. She decides getting to know Patrick is worth the risk of getting hurt and willingly explores the very real possibility that a kiss is around the next Victorian corner.

One reviewer praised “A Christmas Kiss in Cape May” as “a feel-good story.”

“Author Harris writes with all the senses. I can tell you this book was just the ticket I needed to escape from all the madness going on in the world. It featured everything I love: Christmas, family, and romance. I really felt that I was in Cape May! I am determined to visit this town after reading this book. It’s truly a feel-good story.”

Terry Harris holds a master of arts degree, a bachelor of Arts degree, and a bachelor of science degree in Education from Villanova University. He did extensive graduate work at the prestigious master of fine arts program at Florida State University.

Harris has a master of science degree in gifted from Nova Southeastern University. He taught Theatre, Acting, and Integrative Arts, at Penn State University, for many years.

A Christmas Kiss in Cape May caresses the reader with the sights and smells of an old-fashioned holiday ablaze with the lights and glitter of a magical Christmas in Cape May.

“A Christmas Kiss in Cape May,” by Terry Harris, is $3.99 on Amazon Kindle and has five-star reviews.