5 Things To Have With You At The Shore

Whether you’re a seasoned local or a first-time visitor, you won’t be sorry you brought these 5 essentials on your shore outing:


Parking meters dot the horizon. Bike cops patrol the streets. Cashiers at retail shops and hot dog stands cling to their change, hoping to last the weekend. You’re gonna need some Washingtons to enjoy your trip.

Your Bucket Of Arcade Tickets

You’ve collected them for years, saving up for that mega prize hanging over the counter. Don’t make the rookie mistake of forgetting them at home when it’s time to cash in.


This one may seem obvious, but don’t forget it. There’s nothing worse than taking a stroll on the boards, meeting the most breathtaking sunset you’ve ever seen, and having to settle for a lousy cellphone picture to capture the moment.

Car Sun Shade

Do they look tacky? Yes. But your butt will thank you when you hop back in the seat and avoid second degree burns.

Decent Pair Of Shoes

Your flip-flops are great for coming on and off the beach, and even better for keeping you off the ground when you hit up the outdoor shower, but when it comes time to visit one of the many awesome restaurants at the shore, you’ll be glad you have something proper to cover your feet.

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