4 Reasons to Shop Local this Holiday Season

Small Business Saturday is Nov. 28

For many people, holiday shopping mode tends to kick in right after Thanksgiving. Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer irresistible deals, creating one of the busiest shopping periods of the year. But during this time, shoppers tend to forget about a day that is very important to our community – Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday is held the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and encourages people to shop small and local rather than shopping at big box retail and e-commerce stores. There are multiple reasons why shopping local this holiday season is the way to go!

1. It keeps money within the local economy. Sales taxes are what fund our community and its services. Local business owners are likely to shop at other local businesses, keeping the money circulating locally.

2. It promotes locally-made products. Local businesses often sell locally-made products, preserving goods that help define the community, and providing more local jobs.

3. It is easy to find unique products. Most local stores carry products you might not find at national chain stores, such as handmade items or items from local artists or farmers. These types of items always make for more memorable gifts.

4. It creates a sense of community. Supporting these businesses alongside your fellow citizens shows pride for your community and protects aspects that make your community unique.

“Local businesses and their employees are our neighbors and friends,” adds Cape May County Chamber of Commerce President Vicki Clark. “When you shop local, you are investing in the people and the community you live in.”

For some holiday gift ideas that you can purchase locally, visit dotheshore.com/shoplocal!