“Red Bull Beach Scramble” Comes to the Wildwoods on May 6

When: Saturday, May 6 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

Where: the beaches between the first two piers at Morey’s  

This May, Red Bull will host a race in the Wildwoods for the first time. The “Red Bull Beach Scramble” will be held on Saturday, May 6, 2023, with qualifying races taking place on May 5, 2023. Red Bull Beach Scramble brings SxS racing to the beaches of Wildwood.  

“SxS,” also known as “side by side” racing, are off-road races between vehicles with two seats and a “roll cage,” a special interior designed to protect the driver in the event of a rollover. These nimble off-road vehicles perform well on dirt and sand and are designed to absorb the shock from jumps.  

The event will be hosted between the first two piers at Morey’s Piers, and racers will face a challenging and fast sand course that combines a mix of natural and manmade features.  

Amateur and Professional racers, off road fanatics and fans are invited for an action-packed weekend of racing. The race will feature two competitive classes, the SXS Pro for more experienced racers and SXS Sportsman for amateur off-road enthusiasts.  

All drivers must register online. The event will have a max. capacity of 100 SXS drivers across both classes. All registered competitors must comply with the on-site technical inspection and posted venue rules during event. 

This event is free for spectators. For more information, visit the Red Bull events website.