DoTheShore in Style: June 15

While the perfect tan has long been considered the most coveted summer look, we have the lowdown on this season’s official fashion trends. Whether you’re hitting the beach, boards, restaurants or bars, we’ll make sure you Do The Shore in style!

The Morey Store brings us a comfy and casual outfit this week for all of the dads, sons, brothers, uncles and grandpops who also need to Do The Shore in style. This light blue T-shirt, with the saying “The Roller Coasters are Calling and I Must Go,” is perfect for the thrill seekers who can’t resist the twists, drops and loop-the-loops at Morey’s Piers. Pair it with this navy blue zip-up sweatshirt that sports “Morey’s Piers” on both the front and back, and you’re ready to take on the fun no matter what the weather. For those extra sunny days, this khaki visor with navy blue “Morey’s Piers” embroidery is a must. While browsing the Morey Store, be sure to pick up this souvenir glass, representing Morey’s three coasters, to remind you of the adventures you had on your favorite Morey’s rides.

The Morey Store is the ultimate (and only) destination for Morey’s Piers official merchandise and souvenirs. T-shirts, sweatshirts, blankets, accessories and more allow you to bring your exciting boardwalk thrills back home! The Morey Store is located on Mariner’s Pier, and is open every day the pier is open.

1. “The Roller Coasters are Calling” T-shirt

2. Morey’s Piers Zip-up Sweatshirt

3. Morey’s Piers Visor

4. Roller Coaster Glass

The Morey Store • 3501 Boardwalk, Wildwood • (609) 522-3900 ext. 1826 •