DoTheShore in Style: Aug. 17

While the perfect tan has long been considered the most coveted summer look, we have the lowdown on this season’s official fashion trends. Whether you’re hitting the beach, boards, restaurants or bars, we’ll make sure you Do The Shore in style!

This week, 5 Mile Marketplace brings our guys the perfect outfit for a casual yet stylish day in the Wildwoods. Head out for the day in these Wave Life reversible swim trunks, great for jumping in the waves then grabbing a bite after the beach. The Fly-Dry material dries in no time, so you can turn your trunks inside out for a complete change of look. Before meeting your friends, slip on one of these custom tees, or a custom sweatshirt if there’s a chill in the air. For a more polished look, this IslandHaze short sleeve button up is sure to impress the ladies. An embroidered hat and cushioned Air Balance flip flops complete the look.

5 Mile Marketplace has you covered from head to toe with hats, jewelry, swimwear, resort wear, active wear, shoes and more for the entire family, all at affordable prices. Additionally, 5 Mile Marketplace carries sunscreen, beach toys and more – they’ve got what you forgot! With everything Wildwood under one roof, 5 Mile Marketplace can provide you with souvenir clothing and gifts to help you remember your Wildwood Days forever.

1. Wave Life Reversible Swim Trunks

2. Customs Tee

3. Custom Sweatshirt

4. IslandHaze Short Sleeve Button Up

5.. Embroidered Hat

6. Air Balance Flip Flops

5 Mile Marketplace • 3500 Boardwalk, Wildwood • (609) 770-7545 •