Chips & Divots: What’s In Your Golf Bag?

You throw your clubs in your golf bag and you’re all ready to hit the Cape May County green, right? Wrong! Here are 16 items you need in your golf bag besides your clubs:

1. New Balls – Obviously, to play golf!

2. Practice Balls – Don’t be so quick to throw those old, damaged balls in the trash. Use them as practice balls when you’re stuck behind a slow group. These balls also come in handy if you’re having a bad day and don’t want to lose more new balls than you already have.

3. Tees – Again, to play golf.

4. Rain Gear – Mother Nature can often be unpredictable. Be prepared with a rain jacket, rain pants, a hat and rain gloves. Make sure you have something to cover your bag so your clubs stay dry, too. And don’t forget an umbrella!

5. Gloves – We suggest a pair for practice, a pair for play and a pair just in case something happens to the other two.

6. Sunscreen – Avoid sunburn, pain, looking like a lobster and skin cancer.

7. First-Aid Kit – Let your game go uninterrupted by bringing bandages, triple antibiotic ointment, lip balm, ibroprufen and whatever else you think you might need in a minor emergency.

8. Energy Bars – Hunger could strike at any moment. Satisfy your stomach until you get off the green and keep your energy up.

9. Water Bottle – It’s important to stay hydrated, especially in the heat. Fill your water bottle before heading onto the course in the off-chance you come across an empty water cooler.

10. Scorecard – Just in case you need an extra, you forget to grab one from the clubhouse or your cart doesn’t have one.

11. Markers – Label your ball or use it for the scorecard.

12. Towels – On a hot, sunny day, you’ll definitely need to wipe your clubs, hands, neck and face to keep things dry. Bring multiple.

13. Extra Socks – It’s very possible you might step in a water hazard. Whether it’s by choice or by accident, have a dry pair of socks on hand to avoid soggy feet the rest of the day.

14. Cash – It’s always good to have a little cash in your pockets. Be generous and throw the cart guys a tip after the round.

15. Business Cards – You never know who you’ll meet on the green.

16. Coins – Use them as a ball marker. A dull penny is a safe choice.

When you golf at Heritage Links Golf Club, you can find all of this (well, maybe not the cash) and more at the fully stocked pro shop featuring everything you need to help your game. Remember these necessities next time you “play nine before beach time” at Heritage Links!

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