5 Spots to Watch the Sunset in Cape May

By Mary Buzby

1. Sunset Beach at Cape May Point
Sunset Beach has its name for a reason! Join the crowds on Cape May’s diamond-filled sand as the sun goes down over the water.

2. The Cove at the end of the Cape May Promenade
Watch the sunset disappear behind the distant lighthouse as the American flag is lowered in honor of all veterans.

3. A Sunset Cruise out of the Cape May Harbor
Many of the charter and tour boats docked in the Cape May Harbor offer sunset trips. Watch the sun set over the Delaware Bay from out on the water!

4. The South Cape May Meadows Nature Preserve
Explore the dunes, wetlands, meadows, ponds and protected beach at its ‘golden hour.’

5. The Cape May Lighthouse, when it stays open until 10 p.m. for the full moon
A few nights every month, the lighthouse stays open for a full moon viewing. Venture to the top a few hours early to watch the sunset from a bird’s-eye view.