Wildwoods National Marbles Tournament Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Champion marble shooters from across the country will gather in the Wildwoods to compete in the 100th Annual National Marbles Tournament from Monday, June 19 through Thursday, June 22 – all vying for the title of “King” and “Queen” of Marbles.

The Wildwood Marbles Tournament, a true slice of Americana, was founded in 1923, has long been cherished as a testament to the enduring nature of friendly competition and the artistry of the game of marbles. Over the past century, the tournament has brought together players from near and far, fostering camaraderie, sportsmanship, and a deep appreciation for the game’s rich history.

This year’s tournament promises to be a special celebration, commemorating the centennial milestone. Held at the renowned Ringer Stadium, located on the beach right off the Wildwoods Boardwalk at Wildwood Avenue, the event will feature four days of thrilling matches, showcasing the skills and strategies of some of the nation’s most talented marble players.

The “Mibsters” – male and female marble players ages 8-14 – will compete for national honors, college scholarships, and an array of other prizes and awards during the annual tournament. More than 1,200 games of marbles will be played throughout the tournament at Ringer Stadium, with the top eight shooters advancing to the semi-finals competition.

The top two male and top two female players will compete in a ‘Best of 15’ series for the championship. The victorious male and female champions will be crowned the “King” and “Queen” of Marbles. As the victors of the tournament, and as part of a long-standing tradition, the male winner will give a congratulatory kiss on the cheek of the winning female.

The marbles game in which competitors will participate is called ‘Ringer’ and is played by placing 13 marbles in the form of an “X” in a 10-foot circle, with players then alternating shots to knock marbles out of the ring. The winner is the individual who is first to shoot seven marbles out of the ring. The 100th Annual National Marbles Tournament will take place from 8 a.m. – noon daily and is FREE for spectators. For additional information, visit www.nationalmarblestournament.org or call 412-913-1184