Wildwood Arts Foundation Hosts First Event

The Wildwood Arts Foundation is dedicated to creating a unique art experience throughout Downtown Wildwood while beautifying our community through expression of music, emotion, theatre and fine arts. The Wildwood Arts Foundation will be hosting and organizing arts events throughout Downtown Wildwood all season long.

Our first 2017 event, “Creative Community,” will be held on Friday, June 16 from 4 to 7 p.m. at the at the Farmers Market field, 3501 Pacific Ave. at Schellenger Avenue. The theme is “Doo Wildwood.”

This collaborative art project is free to the public and open to all ages. Foundation artists, vacationers, residents and representatives from the Island schools will work together to create one masterpiece about their particular perspective of “Doo Wildwood”. Visitors walking by can contribute for as long or as limited as they would like, and everyone will sign their work. When completed a photo of the artwork will be taken and posted online and on social media. There will be live music and giveaways throughout the evening. The finished mural will the be displayed at a gallery showing at a later date.

The Wildwood Arts Foundation is a nonprofit partnership organization for our Island communities whose mission is beautification, preservation and providing creative educational programs encouraging active citizenship and building creative collaboration within our tourism. Starting with the beautification of the Wildwood Arts District in Downtown Wildwood, the WWAF will join with municipal, public and other nonprofit organizations to accomplish this mission. For more information and how to contribute to the Wildwood Arts Foundation, contact Executive Director Russ Simmons at russisart@gmail.com or visit www.TheWildwoodArts.org.

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