Video Drink of the Week: Italian Stallion

Our first drink of the week of the summer season is a bold yet refreshing flavor. The Italian Stallion from Mad Batter Restaurant & Bar is similar to a Mint Julep, but the addition of fresh lime juice gives it its own unique taste.

Bartender Kyle discovered this drink on a trip to New Orleans, so it was only appropriate that he make it for us. He first placed a generous amount of mint leaves at the bottom of a glass, then poured ice and fresh lime juice over the mint, and shook to chill. Next, he added two ounces of Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon, and topped it off with Fernet-Branca liqueur. A mint leaf garnish was the finishing touch, matching the others within the concoction. Although the rich bourbon flavor of the drink was dominant on our first sip, the fresh lime juice and mint created the perfect balance for the palate.

Grab your own Italian Stallion during Mad Batter’s Happy Hour daily from 3 to 6 p.m. If you wish for a more sweet and sour combination for your Italian Stallion, ask your bartender to add some simple syrup. Stick around and pair your cocktail with nightly dinner specials over the sounds of live music!

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