Video Drink of the Week: Flaming S’mores Martini

Cozy up! This week’s drink of the week, the Flaming S’mores Martini from Elaine’s, is the adult version of everyone’s favorite bonfire treat.

Bartender Lindsey made this unique martini by first rimming a martini glass with graham cracker crumbs and giving it a chocolate drizzle. She then mixed Stoli Vanilla Vodka, Crème de Cocoa and Baileys Irish Cream into a shaker with ice, and shook and strained the mixture into the glass. Then the fun part began! To represent the “flaming” component of this cocktail, Lindsey poured Cruzan 151 Rum onto a marshmallow on a mini skewer, lit it on fire, then put it out and let it cool before dropping it into the drink. Finally, it was time to indulge… Every sip was full of smooth, chocolatey, creamy goodness, and the toasted marshmallow on top was the finishing piece to perfection.

Stop by Elaine’s and try the Flaming S’mores Martini yourself, or choose from the menu of all new handcrafted fall cocktails. While you’re there, ask about Elaine’s upcoming Halloween events, including the Day of the Dead Party, Drunken Pumpkin Carving Contest, “Not So Haunted” Breakfast and of course, the famous dinner theater, currently showing “Young Dracula.” Cheers to fall (and bonfire weather)!