Video Drink of the Week: Blake’s Blueberry Mojito

This week’s drink of the week is a delicious twist on a classic. Blake’s Blueberry Mojito from Harbor View Restaurant & Bar is the perfect way to stay cool and refreshed in the heat, with that subtly sweet flavor that everyone loves in the summertime.

To make Blake’s Blueberry Mojito, bartender Aurora first placed lime slices and fresh mint leaves at the bottom of a glass. She then poured house-made blueberry simple syrup and Bacardi rum into the glass, and muddled the ingredients. After another splash of fresh lime juice, she muddled again. Next, she added ice and shook the mixture to chill it and blend the flavors. Finally, she topped the drink with club soda and garnished it with mint leaves and a lime slice.

Wondering who Blake is? Blake is the creator of the house-made blueberry simple syrup which makes this drink unique. A bartender at Harbor View, Blake often experiments behind the bar in his spare time. One day he suggested making blueberry simple syrup, and the rest is history!

Come try Blake’s Blueberry Mojito yourself during Harbor View’s Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 p.m. Relax on the outside deck while sipping your cocktail, and take in the beautiful views of the Cape May Harbor!

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