The Cape May Artists’ Cooperative Gallery Welcomes New Members

Bill Bader, “Gull”

WEST CAPE MAY – The Cape May Artists’ Cooperative Gallery (COOP) is pleased to announce that Stained Glass Artist Christopher Michalek and Photographer Bill Bader are now members. Their work is on permanent display and for sale at the COOP located at 122 Sunset Blvd. in West Cape May. Additionally, new hours of operation have been announced. Beginning May 1, the COOP will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Michalek is a self-taught stained glass artist. His interest in the medium began as a child when he first walked into a church with his grandfather. Michalek has always been a creative, and tried exploring various mediums but it was not until his father, an artist as well, introduced him to the process of creating stained glass that he felt comfortable. Like a duck to water, Michalek has found this medium to be very natural and the best way to express himself as an artist. His designs are inspired by the world, travels and the artists around him.

Bader has had many careers, but the common thread through all his occupations has been photography. As a young man in Vietnam he wrapped his Kodak Brownie camera in a plastic bag to take pictures of marine life in the South China Sea. He has had several close calls while trying to capture the perfect image – once sneaking up on a tiger shark and another nearly sliding off a glacier in Alaska, thus earning the name, Kamikaze Photographer from his companions. Bader is inspired by nature and the adventures of everyday life – his camera travels with him. As computers, digital cameras and image editors were introduced, Bader was quick to adopt these tools and incorporate them into his creative process. The resulting work is beautiful images of layering, color distortions, combining the best part of multiple images and eventually arriving at re-imagined landscapes.

The COOP is the first and only artists’ cooperative in the county whose mission is to foster local art and contribute to the understanding and appreciation of the visual arts in Cape May County. Owned and operated by its members, the COOP carries a full selection of members’ original work including paintings, glass, photography, mixed media, jewelry, works in wood and bird carvings, clay and paper, and fiber arts. Beginning May 1, the gallery is open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Parking is available behind the gallery. For information regarding shows, membership and events, call (609) 435-5253 or visit

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