Rio Station Gets A New Bar Menu

RIO GRANDE – Rio Station recently introduced a new bar menu. For years, eating in the bar section at the Rio meant that you would primarily share the lunch menu with the dining room. The new menu is now served exclusively in the bar and features 20 new items including Koconut Shrimp Kabobsand the Rio Corn Dog. A new burger, “Ring the Alarm!!!” challenges you to eat it in 30 minutes or less to be entered into a contest. For this one, you need to sign a waiver! Another new featured selection is Eloté: grilled corn with aioli, queso fresco, cilantro, tajin and lime. Rio Station prepares everything from scratch and cooked to order.

“We try to listen to what our guests are asking for,” said a spokesperson for the restaurant. “Guests told us that they wanted variety while maintaining the quality that they have come to expect. Preparing everything to order takes a little longer, but our guests feel it’s worth the wait. Changes in the menu are designed to help make every meal flow as smoothly as possible.”

Rio Station is located just outside of the Grande Center Mall at Rt. 9 & 47, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night, seven days a week starting at 7:30 a.m.

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