Praise From Playwright’s Daughter and Others for East Lynne Theater Company’s “Rainmaker”


On August 1, N. Richard Nash’s daughter, Amanda, who lives in Massachusetts, saw East Lynne Theater Company’s “The Rainmaker” and brought four cousins, including Lois, the daughter of Nash’s sister Mae, who is the real “Lizzie” in this comedy-drama. They loved the production, which received another standing ovation. Amanda thanked director Gayle Stahlhuth for “bringing her family back to life” in such “a wonderful production.”

N. Richard Nash (1913-2000) was a dreamer and philosopher who lived through the depression. “The Rainmaker” takes place out West in 1930. Enter a stranger, Starbuck, who claims he can make it rain. The play opened on Broadway in 1954; Nash adapted it for the 1956 film and wrote the book based on the play for the musical “110 in the Shade” with Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones. 

The review in “Exit Zero” states “A fun evening with a fine ensemble cast.” Audience survey reviews are excellent including from someone younger than 20 from Macomb, IL: “It was very compelling.  Thank you for an amazing show!”  

Cast includes Veronique Hurley, Jon Kovach, Mat Labotka, Mark Edward Lang, Jeff Sharkey, Jeffrey Smith, and John Cameron Weber. Joseph Travers directed the fights.  

 “The Rainmaker” runs Wednesdays through Saturdays at 8 p.m. through August 31, at the First Presbyterian Church of Cape May, 500 Hughes Street, where the theater is in residence. Tickets are $20-$35; ages 12 and under free. For more information and reservations, call 609-884-5898 or visit

Next, “Tales of the Victorians” is on Thursday, August 8 at 4 p.m. at Dock Mike’s.