Plan a Bus Trip Adventure

We’re back and ready to take you on bus trips again. Lucille Bus Trips provides an easy and fun traveling experience. Let us take you on an adventure to one of these wonderful events.

May 16th – Strawberry Festival in Lahaska, Pa.

May 22nd – Bingo at Bingo World in Baltimore

June 12th – Philadelphia Flower Show (Outdoor Event)

Due to COVID-19, there are restrictions in order to make these trips safe and enjoyable.  Please give us a call for details and more information about upcoming trips 609-246-7342

Future Trips in the Works

The following trips will be available depending on opening dates, etc.

– Candlelight Dinner Theatre in Wilmington, DE

– Sight and Sound Theatre & dinner in Lancaster

– Maryland Crab Feast on the deck

– Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall-NYC