Outdoors at the Shore: Kayaking

Tired of bumming it on the beach? Get active and out on the water with kayaking!

Created thousands of years ago by the Inuit (formerly known as Eskimos), kayaks were originally made for hunting and fishing from driftwood, and sometimes whale skeleton and animal skin. As the kayak’s popularity grew, Europeans became interested in the kayak around the mid-1800s, and German and French men began kayaking for sport. In the 1950s fiberglass kayaks were developed, and in the 1980s polyethylene plastic kayaks came about. From there, kayaking became a mainstream popular sport.

Cape May County offers multiple ways you can experience kayaking. Whether you’re touring the natural beauty of the coast, fishing for dinner or simply looking for a fun way to exercise, kayaking provides an exciting experience on the waters of the Jersey Shore. Paddle on over to DoTheShore.com/activities to find a spot that offers kayak rentals, tours and more!