OCTC’s Summer Children’s Theatre Series at the Music Pier is Back

When you’re a bear, life is just a bowl of porridge—that is until a little blonde beauty queen ransacks your house!  Everybody knows the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears—but nobody has ever heard the story from the bears’ point of view!  Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear, and Goldie are ready entertain audiences at the Ocean City Music Pier with merry music and plenty of laughs! 
The Ocean City Theatre Company will present the family musical, THE THREE BEARS this Tuesday, July 13th at 10:30 and 6:30. All tickets are $10 in advance and $12 on the day of the show. To purchase your tickets, call 609-399-6111 or visit oceancityvacation.com/boxoffice.
The 2021 Children’s Theatre Series will feature the following shows: 

JULY 20th – Ocean City Theatre Company Presents JACK AND THE BEANSTALK – Young Jack and his Mother have had their fair share of problems since Jack’s father disappeared—not only have they sold their precious cow, but now there’s a Giant to deal with as well! Take a musical trip up the beanstalk with Jack and discover the town’s unexpected solution to the Giant’s grumpy attitude! 10:30am at the Ocean City Music Pier located at Moorlyn Terrace & the Boardwalk. Performances start at 10:30am and 6:30pm at the Ocean City Music Pier.

JULY 27th – Ocean City Theatre Company Presents AWESOME ALLIE: FIRST KID ASTRONAUT –  Allie was just your typical eight-year-old girl from Skokie, Illinois, until one day she was chosen for a very special mission. At the farthest edges of our solar system, a space alien lands on Pluto looking for something very important from Earth. But it won’t speak with the President. It claims it won’t speak with anyone. Anyone, that is, except Awesome Allie. Called from across the sky and tapped by the President himself, Allie soon sets out in her dance-powered spaceship on a journey through the stars, soaring from Earth to Pluto with only a trusty, talking dog named Captain Chaos by her side. Along the way, she’ll meet unlikely challenges and unlikelier friends, from the disco dancing land rover stranded on Mars, to the world’s smartest supercomputer, PAL 9000. She’ll learn the order of the planets and lots of fun facts about the solar system, and she’ll need the whole audience’s help if she’s going to dance her ship all the way to Pluto. But what does this Alien want? What is it that’s worth crossing the entire solar system to find? Allie’s about to discover that friendship just might be the most important thing in the whole universe—but only the audience can help her figure it out! Performances start at 10:30am and 6:30pm at the Ocean City Music Pier.

AUGUST 3rd – Ocean City Theatre Company Presents ALEXANDER, WHO’S NOT NOT NOT NOT GOING TO MOVE – Based on Judith Viorst’s book Alexander, Who’s Not (Do You Year Me? I Mean It!) Going to Move. Alexander has just received some really bad news from his parents. His dad has taken a job in a city a thousand miles away, which means that he and his mom and his dad and his bossy older brothers, Nick and Anthony, are going to have to move to a whole new city. And even though his mom says, “Wait, you’ll like it,” Alexander already knows that he’ll hate it. He’ll hate it because he’ll never have a best friend like Paul again. And he’ll never have a great sitter like Rachel again. And he’ll never again have his soccer team or his car pool or kids who know him or…Anyway, he can’t bear to leave the people and places he loves, so he decides that he won’t move. First he tries to live with three different neighbors. Then he tries to build a tent so he can live by himself. Then he decides he’ll hide so that his parents will never find him, but that doesn’t work out either. While Alexander barricades his bedroom door, his mom and dad and even his brothers find some special ways to make it easier for Alexander to leave. They also help him to understand that home is “where your family is, where you’re with the people who love you best of all.” Finally Alexander agrees to leave, but warns that—Do you hear him? He means it!—he’s not not not not not not going to move again! Commissioned and premiered by The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Performances start at 10:30am and 6:30pm at the Ocean City Music Pier.