Ocean City’s Pamper Scamper Set for Tuesday Morning

The Pamper Scamper, Ocean City’s annual baby crawling race, is set for 9 a.m. Tuesday, August 10 on the beach at Sixth Street. Registration is free and begins at 8:30 a.m. The event is a prelude to the city’s 111th annual Baby Parade on Thurs. August 12.

The event is open to children up to 15 months old, competing in various age categories. The young racers are placed in the middle of a silk parachute on the sand. The first to crawl off the parachute into a parent’s waiting arms is declared the winner. Parents kneel at the edge of the parachute waving favorite objects in an attempt to get their entries to move. This is strictly a crawling race. Contestants who stand up and walk will be heartily cheered … and then disqualified.

Spectators are encouraged to watch from the boardwalk near the Sixth Street ramp.