Island Hopping: July 22 – 29, 2022

The Wildwood Crest Fishing pier, pictured above, is host to workout classes all summer long.

Welcome back to Island Hopping! Let us be your friendly guide for a day at the Jersey Shore. Temperatures are peaking as July comes to a close, but the good news is that the ocean’s temperatures are warm enough to please even the most skittish of ocean-goers. The ocean in most of the county sits in the low to mid 70s, which is 10 to 15 degrees cooler than most of New England. Take that, Cape Cod! 

This week, we recommend starting your day in Wildwood Crest at the fishing pier on E Heather Rd & Beach Ave. There are $5 fitness classes every morning at the Pier that always attract a hearty crowd of locals and fitness buffs. 

Photo courtesy of Cape May MAC, who is holding their Craft Beer and Crab Festival July 23rd.

The classes are a lot of fun even for those who aren’t fitness-minded. The fishing pier is temperate, and the ocean breezes make for a cool workout. Classes start promptly at 8:30 p.m.; come gawk at the ocean while you work on your daily gains. The classes run most days in the summer, but for a full schedule, check out the Crest’s calendar at 

Rita’s Water Ice is your editor’s favorite ice cream spot in the county.

Despite the great length and height of the Crest fishing pier, it doesn’t even reach the ocean. Wildwood Crest accumulates sand each year, which means that the beach just keeps getting bigger and bigger. The pier was extended twice, but the construction couldn’t keep up with the ever-growing beach. That said, it’s still a great place to look out on the beach.  

You might have worked out, but don’t forget that you’re still on vacation! To neutralize any calories you burned off in the Crest, head over to Rita’s Water Ice on the Cape May promenade. Rita’s is your editor’s favorite ice cream spot in the whole county, and the custard is not nearly as calorie dense as you might think. Try my personal favorite order, a 5-layer gelati with flavors in this order from bottom to top: vanilla custard, ocean splash water ice, vanilla custard, green apple water ice, and orange custard to top it off.  

Don’t hate on my flavor picks before you’ve tried it!  

While you’re in Cape May, get to know local history just a tad better through Cape May MAC (museums, art, and culture). Cape May MAC hosts tours of a wide range of local landmarks, including the Fisherman’s Wharf, local graveyards, haunted houses, and more. They also give trolley tours of the city. These tours are a great way to get to know the city.  

If you’re here on July 23rd, the Craft Beer and Crab festival is one of the best things you could do with your time.  

Pizza from Vincenzo’s Little Italy II

In nearby North Cape May, try a quick and inexpensive dinner at Vincenzo’s Little Italy II. The Italian place is popular with year-round locals and offers authentic Italian food, generous portions, a comfortable setting and plenty of parking. North Cape May in general has more parking than Cape May proper, so a dinner in the town is a stress-free way to end your day.  

And that’s a wrap for this week’s Island Hopping! If you’ve enjoyed this edition or previous editions, give us a shout at! We’re always open to suggestions.