Gorman’s Wines and Spirits Continues to Serve Lower Township


Gorman’s Wines and Spirits has been operating as a full-service, year-round liquor store in Lower Township for over 30 years. In June 2019, John and Nancy Cook purchased the store and have given the store new life with an updated exterior and new product lines. As they celebrate their one year anniversary, John and Nancy are dedicated to continue serving Lower Township for all their liquor needs with a commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

John and Nancy were not always in the liquor store industry. They both grew up on farms and have both been farmers for over 40 years. They still have a farm in Pittsgrove, NJ today, but decided a few years ago that they wanted to purchase a liquor store as they began to plan for their retirement. When they bought a house in Cape May County six years ago, they knew this would be an excellent place for their liquor store venture and the perfect place to live for years to come.

When they purchased Gorman’s, John and Nancy wanted to give their customers the opportunity to try new products with the aspiration of being as cost-effective as possible. Along with low prices, they also have an incredible, educated staff that are eager to help with any questions customers may have, most of which are familiar faces who have been working their for years.

Gorman’s offers an extensive selection of beers, spirits, wines, microbrews, frozen cocktails, and more! The wine aisles are filled with domestic and imported wines, so there is something for everyone, no matter the price range. They even offer unique wines, such as vegan and organic wines, which are displayed together so customers don’t have to search through the extensive wine section to find what they are looking for.

For all the beer fans, make sure to check out Pat’s Custom Pack’s to make the perfect six-pack! Mix and match your own microbrew six-pack from over 80 different varieties so you can try different beers to determine your favorites.

The store has also expanded its seltzer, frozen cocktails, and gin selections over the past few months to give customers a wider variety to taste-test. They have a new freezer for frozen drinks so you can choose your favorite and it’s all ready to be served! The Skinny Freezers are one of the more popular items for customers who want a low calorie, refreshing frozen cocktail, but they also have Daily’s Frozen Pouches, BuzzBallz, and more.

If you head to the store and don’t see what you’re looking for, the staff can order anything you want by the bottle and you’ll have it in a week! Due to COVID-19, some of their shipments have been delayed, but the staff is working tirelessly to provide customers with everything they are looking for as soon as possible. Customer service is of the utmost importance to everyone at Gorman’s, so don’t hesitate to ask for help or assistance when you visit!

Gorman’s Wines and Spirits is a long-established, yet modernly managed, liquor store with the goal of making their customer’s shopping experience as pleasurable and inexpensive as possible. John and Nancy would like to thank all their customers who have been so supportive over the past year, especially those who supported their business through the pandemic. Their hearts go out to all the local businesses and restaurants during this difficult time, and they hope things begin to look up soon.

Gorman’s Wines and Spirits

Bayshore Mall, 3845 Bayshore Road, North Cape May