Gift Idea: Beach Cart Creations Offers Custom-Built Beach Carts


You wake up. It’s a beautiful, sunny morning at the Jersey Shore. Your family scarfs down breakfast, lathers on the lotion, fills the cooler, and heads-out for a relaxing day of sand, sun, and surf. Along the way, you stop five times to re-adjust how you’re carrying the chairs… the umbrella slips out from under your tucked arm while the kids swing their sand pals dropping toys behind them… somebody’s carrying the awkward and heavy tent on their back… your feet are burning, you’re already sweating, and you haven’t even reached the water. You’ve been there, I’ve been there, we’ve all been there.

Take the stress out of your vacation with Beach Cart Creations; locally owned and custom-built, our beach carts are the modular and convenient way to make your way through the sand. All of our carts are constructed from furniture-grade PVC; the 100% solid-wall vinyl is five times stronger than traditional plumbing PVC and is UV and impact resistant. We offer designs in both 1” and 1.25” pipe and fittings for lighter-weight and versatility, and all of our carts are modular so you can add options as you go!

We use only stainless-steel screws and friction fittings to ensure a durable and long-lasting cart. We offer a variety of balloon wheel sizes to meet your needs, all with rust-free extruded aluminum axles rated to carry up to 200 pounds! Our convenient seven-section fabric pouch can hold your lotion, sunglasses, keys, and more.

Choose from black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, or purple PVC. Mix-and-match, have fun with it! College colors, your favorite sports team, patriotic themes – all of our PVC is 100% color-dyed vinyl, so the color won’t chip or scratch through. Schedule your free design session today at

We’re just like you – we love the Jersey Shore, but hate lugging everything down to the beach. We see others with heavy and expensive carts and buggys, and we wanted to offer people a lighter, more affordable option – because your vacation should be exactly that. Visit for more details!