Free Marine Science Lessons Come to Wildwood Crest

When: Tuesdays and Thursday, June 21 – Aug. 25, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Where: Begins at the Rambler Road Beach

Learn all about the vast coastal environment in Wildwood Crest this summer through the borough’s free marine science program.

Crest Coastal Comb, hosted by Miss Ocean, a marine science and ocean literacy educator, is a program designed for participants to walk and talk with a local naturist and explore and learn about the intricate and interesting marine ecosystem contained on and around the beaches of Wildwood Crest.

Due to high demand from the inaugural once-per-week Crest Coastal Comb last summer, this free program designed for children and adults will be held twice per week during the summer of 2022 – each Tuesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. from June 21 through August 25. Each session will begin with a brief presentation at the Rambler Road beach, followed by short journeys to different areas of the beach to further explore the seaside environment of Wildwood Crest.

No pre-registration is necessary for any Crest Coastal Comb session.

The Crest Coastal Comb program will search for specimens of sea life brought in by the tide; identify species and their natural histories, including anatomy and physiology, habitats, predator-prey relationships, conservation status, and adaptations; discuss sea life found in the ocean off New Jersey, from tiny plankton to dolphins, sharks and whales; examine the color of the ocean, the natural topography of the Wildwood Crest and Jersey Shore coastline; discuss how humans can affect the sand and dunes and other anthropogenic aspects of the ocean; and much more.

For more information about the Crest Coastal Comb marine science program, contact the Wildwood Crest Recreation Department at 609-523-0202.