Fishing at The Shore

Fishing is a great outdoor hobby to pick up. With some research, basic gear, and casting line you can be well on your way to catching your first fish. Local resident Laura Miller chimes in: “Fishing is such a fun activity any time of the year. I especially love bundling up on a wintery morning, grabbing some coffee, and fishing from the Avalon Fishing Pier while catching the sunrise. Fish are always a bonus, but the fresh air, views, and good company are a guarantee that makes me so thankful for the beautiful place we live!” Take a page from Miller’s book and get outside for the thrill of the catch as well as an opportunity to appreciate the beautiful shore. Check out The Cape May County Herald Fishing Line feature in the weekly paper or online at for more tips and information. Also, peruse these fishing memories submitted by locals to escape the recent cold, windy weather conditions.