Enjoy Fall Activities Galore on the Great Egg Harbor River

The kids are back in school, the leaves are starting to turn, the aroma of pumpkin spice is everywhere, and there is just the tiniest hint of coolness in the air, all of which means that fall is finally upon us! Here on the Duke O’Fluke, we get particularly excited about fall because that means that it’s time for our famous fall Bird Spotting and up-river fishing trips!

Bird-Spotting Trips

Each fall, the Great Egg Harbor River magically transforms into one of the premier birding spots in North America. Hawks, eagles, and other raptors are known to winter in the Great Egg Harbor region, primarily because of the abundance of prey such as northern diamondback terrapins, black skimmers and piper plovers. As the rivers and reservoirs far to the north get colder and begin to freeze over, eagles and hawks from farther north show up in mass in the Great Egg Harbor area – in fact, it is not unusual to see twenty-five or thirty of these beautiful birds in a day if you stay quiet and pay close attention! The adult bald eagle is easily distinguishable by its white head and tail, with dark brown wings and body and brilliant yellow legs and bill. Hawks such as the red-tailed hawk display very broad rounded wings and a short, wide tail. They typically soar overhead in wide circles, exhibiting a heavy, slow wing beat. Duke O’Fluke offers nature tours each fall that specialize in finding resident eagles, hawks, osprey, and falcons. More information on these fascinating nature cruises can be found on our website or by visiting our Facebook page.

Up-River Fishing Trips

While the early part of fall may feel like an extension of summer to us, baitfish and underwater predators alike recognize it as the beginning of the fall fish run. Starting in September each year, striped bass, bluefish and perch leave their summer feeding grounds in the estuaries and begin to congregate along the beaches in anticipation of the smorgasbord of bait that will soon be available. As temperatures continue to drop, the bait fish population grows, creating the perfect opportunity for the fall fisherman! On the Duke O’Fluke, our fall fishing trips with our seasoned fishing guides know just how to find the striped bass and perch to give you the fall fishing trip of your dreams! Visit our website and our Facebook page for details on days and times, or to charter a private fall adventure for your friends and family!

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