East Lynne Theater Company’s Presents “The Rainmaker” through August 31

East Lynne Theater

Teary Teachout, a reviewer for “The Wall Street Journal,” sited East Lynne Theater Company as one of the top theaters in NJ in his article on August 9. Currently playing is N. Richard Nash’s comedy-drama-Western “The Rainmaker,” running Wednesdays through Saturdays at 8 p.m. through August 31, at The First Presbyterian Church of Cape May, 500 Hughes Street. 

It’s 1930, during a drought. Enter Starbuck, who tells the Curry family that he can make it rain for $100.  Although H.C., his son Noah and daughter Lizzie believe Starbuck is a fraud, H.C. gives him the money. Meanwhile, H.C., Noah, and Jim, the youngest Curry, would like to see Lizzie married, Jim wants to spend more time with his girlfriend, and Noah tries to keep the family and ranch running properly. Is H.C. throwing money away?

Audiences are delighted with the play and the ensemble. Director Gayle Stahlhuth auditions more than 300 yearly in New York and Cape May. 

New to ELTC are Jon Kovach, playing Starbuck, Jeffrey Smith, playing Jim, and Mat Labotka, who plays File, the deputy.

Returnees are John Cameron Weber (H.C.), Mark Edward Lang (Noah), Veronique Hurley (Lizzie), and Jeff Sharkey, who plays the Sheriff.   

Tickets for this show range from $20-35. Children 12 and under are free. For information and reservations, call 609-884-5898 or visit eastlynnetheater.org. Performances take place at The First Presbyterian Church of Cape May, 500 Hughes Street.

“The Rainmaker” is about faith, hope, family, and home. As Stahlhuth and her husband, technical director Lee O’Connor, build a home in West Cape May where they lost their old home to fire in 2018, the play is especially poignant. To read more about the fire, read the article by the Atlantic City Press.