Do the Shore’s Drinks of the Summer

Header image is the Wharf’s Sangria

As summer comes to a close, we’re remembering our favorite drinks from another successful season of Do The Shore magazine. Erin Drumm, our wonderful, tireless feature writer for the summer, hit the streets to find the best drinks that some of our favorite local pubs, bars, and restaurants had to offer. Here are the best drinks of Summer 2022.  

  • The Wharf’s Sangria: Our first “drink of the week” this summer was a sangria at The Wharf in Wildwood. They make it with a special recipe, which made it a tad hard to write about. We couldn’t give their secret away! But the Sangria at Wharf is one of the most popular drinks in Wildwood for a reason. 

  • Owen’s Pub’s Blueberry Mojito: We’re a bit biased towards blueberry drinks here on the Do the Shore team, but Owen’s Pub’s blueberry drink is neither too sweet nor too tart. Owen’s makes their blueberry mojito with rum, which doesn’t overpower the blueberry taste that makes the drink great. Fresh mint seals the deal.  

Owen’s Pub’s Bluerberro Mojito

  • Yesterday’s Fuego Martini: Coming off the heels of the sweet mojito, Yesterday’s fuego martini brought a real kick. The fuego, or “spicy,” martini won’t be to everybody’s taste, but I always say: you should try weird drinks at least once! The vibes at Yesterday’s are better than ever thanks to a slew of renovations, and their new mixed drink menu is solid.  

Yesterday’s Fuego Martini

  • Anglesea Pub’s Mojito: Jennifer Dougherty, who we featured alongside the mojito, was a superstar when we posted her to our Facebook page. She made a really great mojito, the second on our list. Anglesea’s mojito is fairly different than Owen’s Pub’s, but both were well prepared and went down easy. Anglesea’s mojito is definitely less sweet than Owen’s, so if you’re looking for a quality, simple drink to (possibly) get you tipsy, check this one out.  

Anglesea Pub’s Mojito

  • Dogtooth Bar and Grill’s Flavio: This drink is a bit of a weird one, but if you like tropical flavors and tequila, you will probably love it. The “Flavio” was named after the hardest working employee at Dogtooth and contains tequila, club soda, pineapple juice, and fresh lime.  
Dogtooth’s Flavio

  • The Waterfront’s Sunset Breeze: What is a sunset breeze, you ask? To start, it’s a drink you can order for breakfast if you want a wild start to your day. The sunset breeze is made with mango rum, malibu rum (which gives the drink a coconut flavor), and cranberry. The cranberry gives the drink a nice sour element that contrasts against the competing sweeter elements. Fun fact: just about any drink with cranberry is a winner.  
The Waterfront’s Sunset Breeze

  • Blue Water Grille’s Pineapple Wally: This drink gets points right off the bat for its funny name. Anything with “wally” in its name gets a chuckle out of your editor. This drink is the only frozen drink to grace the list: it’s made with frozen strawberry lemonade, Bacardi rum, and slices of fresh pineapple. We don’t have a photo of this one, but grab one if you’re ever at the Blue Water Grille in Wildwood. Shoutout to Dana Kata for being such a lovely bartender!  

  • The Crab House’s Creamsicle Orange Crush: If you’ve spent much time at the Jersey Shore, you might know that we *love* a good orange crush down here. Crab House’s is one of the best. It’s served with whipped cream and is made with vanilla vodka, triple sec, orange juice, and club soda. It’s delicious, and there’s not much more to say about it than that.  
The Crab House’s Orange “Creamsicle” Crush