Do The Shore This Summer

Are you spending time down the shore but not sure how to fill your free time? Here a few things you can do in Cape May County to have fun and get some sun.

Shop Local Businesses

Support businesses around town by shopping local for gifts, a new summer wardrobe, specialty foods, and more. Local businesses need your continued support this season, so you may even want to consider getting your Christmas shopping done extra early this year!

Visit the Library

A visit to a library is a multisensory experience that engages all the best ways we learn throughout life stages. For more information on current COVID library protocols and hours by location visit, or

Hunt for Cape May Diamonds at Sunset Beach

Go “prospecting” for these Jersey gems at Sunset Beach at Cape May Point. The “diamonds” are actually small, glistening pieces of clear quartz which can be culled, or “panned,” from the coarse sands of the Delaware Bay beaches. This is a great end-of-the-day activity so you can stay for a beautiful sunset and witness the vibrant colors of the sky over the Concrete Ship.

Take Advantage of the Dining Scene

Businesses are open for indoor and outdoor dining and so many restaurants in Cape May County are participating to the capacity they are able! Make reservations or plan to walk-in and enjoy the beautiful summer season we are sure to have. Supporting restaurants is still as important as ever after the difficult year it has been.

Visit the Cape May County Zoo

The perfect alternative to a day at the beach, the zoo offers fun for every member of the family! The fun is always free at the zoo, but donations are appreciated. For the most up-to-date information, please visit

Take a Walk on Your Favorite Beach

Take a walk on one of the Cape May County beaches and look for shells, watch the surfers catch some waves, or just enjoy the sounds of the waves. Soak up some Vitamin D while getting in some exercise and you’re sure to feel rejuvenated! Remember: if you’re going during the day, don’t forget your beach tag!

Try Casting a Line

Fishing is the perfect opportunity to outside for the thrill of the catch as well take advantage of the beautiful shore. Check out The Cape May County Herald Fishing Line feature in the weekly paper or online at for more tips and information.

Visit Your Favorite Wineries & Breweries

With six wineries, eight breweries and three distilleries in Cape May County, and new ones constantly popping up, it’s easy to spend an entire day experiencing them all.

Explore Reeds Beach

Tucked away on the Delaware Bay in Middle Township, Reeds Beach is a popular destination for beachcombers and nature lovers. You’ll twist and turn through a residential area before finally arriving at Reeds Beach, where you may see birds, seals, crabs, or other creatures! The site is open all day, so enjoy exploring!

Visit Cape May Point State Park

The beach, dunes, freshwater wetlands, ponds and forested trails, located at the tip of the Cape May Peninsula, make Cape May Point State Park a wonderfully diverse natural area. The park offers great opportunities to see dolphins and other ocean life, bird migration, and more. There are beautiful ponds and dunes, a beach, and wonderful views of the ocean.

Play Mini Golf with Your Family

Mini golf is a classic seaside game the entire family can enjoy! There are numerous mini-golf sites in Cape May County that vary in features and difficulty. Each one is unique in its own way, having its own theme that makes for an adventure at every hole. On the Wildwoods and Ocean City boardwalks, many of the courses have covered areas that make for great rainy-day fun.

Ride the Bike Paths

The county’s Bike Paths are a great way to stretch your legs, teach children how to bike or even tap into your inner child and break out those roller blades. Secluded from the road, the bike paths offer various safe routes to get from one point in the county to another without a vehicle! The option to walk along any of the bike paths gives community members an extra incentive to get out in nature and explore the area by foot or bike! No matter your exercise of choice the bike paths are the perfect spot to indulge. Visit for more information.

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