Do The Shore this Fourth of July

Go Berry Picking

Make the most of berry season by picking your own strawberries, blueberries, or blackberries. Some local farms offer U-pick options that let you load up on your favorite summer fruit. Once you’ve filled your baskets, use the berries to bake a beautiful summer pie.

Go for a Family Bike Ride

Get active this Independence Day by taking a family bike ride. Pack a picnic basket and find a sunny spot for a pre-barbecue snack.

Spend the Day at the Beach

Nothing says the Fourth of July like a relaxing day in the sand in Cape May County. Before you head home to have a BBQ or head out to see the fireworks, break out your chairs, sunscreen, and beach toys to spend the day at the beach.

Play Backyard Games

There are so many backyard games to bust out for your July 4th celebrations: cornhole, horseshoes, croquet, badminton, and more. They’re the perfect way to pass the time between dessert and fireworks!

Have a BBQ with Your Family

Head to the grocery store and pick up all your BBQ classic foods for a wonderful, patriotic shindig. Grill up some hot dogs and hamburgers for your family, play some cornhole, and have fun with your family.

Go Kayaking

Anyone who loves the outdoors will enjoy spending the day kayaking. Take in the sights as you paddle down the river and work up an appetite for some tasty picnic food afterward. Kayaking is a great core workout!

Lounge in the Pool

Spend the day soaking up the sun in the pool—whether it’s yours or a neighbor’s. Grab a few cute inflatable tubes to mark the occasion!

Play Ball

Baseball is an American past-time so it’s the perfect game to take part in on the 4th of July. Set up a family ball game by splitting up into teams. You can even get creative by making your own personalized baseball jerseys.

Celebrate with Sparklers

Lighting sparklers is a summertime staple, especially on the Fourth of July. Celebrate safely and make sure to take pictures of your sparkler fun! #dotheshore

Have a Water Balloon Fight

A water balloon fight is a great solution to a scorching hot day. Make it a kids-versus-adults battle for extra fun!

Bake some patriotic desserts.

You can’t celebrate America’s birthday without some red, white, and blue desserts! After baking some of the best cupcakes, brownies, and 4th of July cakes, the whole family can join in on the festive decorating — or even compete in a friendly bake-off.

Go Camping

Take advantage of the time off by planning a camping trip. Cook dinner over an open fire, play some music, and stargaze before bed. If you can’t make it to a real campsite this year, try a little backyard camping instead — just set up a tent (along with a great cookout, of course), and cap off the night with some scary stories around the fire.

Watch the Fireworks

Of course, no Fourth of July is complete without a firework viewing to close out the night. Check out more information about local fireworks in the Do The Shore section.