Do the Shore Magazine is Rebooted for 2024!

To the cool, smart, emotionally intelligent person reading this – welcome back to another season of Do the Shore magazine! Longtime readers might be thinking – “isn’t Do the Shore that old beach rag?” Well, we spent a lot of effort (time, money, moments of our lives) sprucing it up to have better photos, more editorial features, and a focus on a special theme in each issue. We’re proud of what we accomplished. Pick it up wherever you would find your Herald – and let us know what you think by emailing

First up – we wanted a heavier editorial focus to permeate the pages of the magazine. You’ll still find events, concert guides, food guides, farmer’s market guides, and the likes here, but you’ll also notice that many of our articles are themed after the great outdoors, fitting of this week’s “nature” theme.   

Second – the print quality is better; we are using a heavier stock of paper that displays more vibrant colors than the newsprint of years prior. 

Third – we’re a biweekly publication now! Every two weeks! Don’t forget it! Our next edition drops June 26. And yeah, it’s free.  

This week, we take you on an adventure to the Cape’s famous zoo, where we went behind-the-scenes with capybaras, emus, wallabies, and the zookeepers who help them thrive. Later on, Pamela Dollak takes you to the wonderful Cameron Wildlife Sanctuary, an old sand mill that is now a bustling wildlife preserve. Our editor’s column asks you to sympathize with seagulls.  

Back because of demand, check out our crossword, with tough nature questions (the answers to which you can figure out by reading the issue). The biggest feature is a tour-de-force of our favorite places to see nature in the County. Don’t think you can get away with a visit to the Cape without making some nature-focused stops; we will help you make it easy, and bring you through the history of these ecosystems. And be sure to read what the NJ Audubon, our local bird experts, have to say in their column!