Do The Shore By The Slice: Seven Mile Pies


From classic plain to gourmet creations, extra cheese to crispy thin crusts, there’s nothing like a slice of pizza at the Jersey Shore! This week, check out Seven Mile Pies’ delicious pizza creations then order some for yourself!


Buffalo Chicken

Sauce: Buffalo Sauce

Cheese: Mozzarella

Toppings: Chicken and Bleu Cheese

If you’re looking for pizza with a little kick, the Buffalo Chicken pizza is the perfect slice for you! It is the top ordered slice and has the ideal ratio of spicy buffalo sauce, delicious cheese and chicken, and a bleu cheese drizzle on top. 


General Tso’s Chicken

Sauce: General Tso’s Sauce

Cheese: Mozzarella

Toppings: Breaded Chicken, Onions, Broccoli, and Sesame Seeds

If you want to change it up with a unique slice, order the customer favorite General Tso’s Chicken pizza. The second most popular slice replaces a classic tomato sauce with General Tso’s sauce inspired by the traditional Chinese-American go-to dish.


Seven Mile Pies is located in the food court at the Walk at Stone Harbor Square behind 96th Street with easy access from 97th Street. They offer pizzas, specialty pizzas, slices, cheesesteaks, hoagies, salads, and more. You can eat in, take out, pick up, and or order delivery anywhere on Seven Mile Island, including beach delivery! For more information, visit or call 609-368-7645 to place your order.