Do Avalon: Preseason Edition

Avalon cooler by a mile sign

Avalon really is cooler by a mile! For more than a century, Avalon has been a popular vacation destination for beach lovers everywhere. Located on the Seven Mile Island, sharing the island with Stone Harbor to the south, this island offers a unique charm that you won’t find anywhere else. You will certainly be surprised at how much there is to do within the small town of Avalon, especially in the off season.


Grab your gear and head for the nearest tackle shop! There are plenty of fishing spots along the ocean and bay to take advantage of this spring.

Hit the Beach

Avalon shares the island with Stone Harbor to the south, offering a total of seven miles of beach touched by the Atlantic Ocean. While it may be too cold to sit out on the beach all day, you can still enjoy the beauty by taking a walk along the beautiful shore. See the ocean from a fresh perspective throughout spring and observe the seasonal wildlife that comes to the shore.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Avalon’s unique shopping district along Dune Drive features boutique clothing shops, home good stores, eateries and more. Mask up, check local shop’s spring hours and let the shopaholic in you shine!

Avalon Restaurants & Bars

Avalon is home to some delicious dining. From fresh seafood to farm-to-table specialties, there are plenty of options to choose between. Check local eateries hours, dine in and takeout options.

Bike Path

The experience of bike paths gives many in the community a place to conduct traditional exercise in a safe setting. Avalon’s Bike Paths are a great way to stretch your legs, teach children how to bike or even tap into your inner child and break out those roller blades. The bike path offers various safe routes to get from one point on the island to another without a vehicle! The option to walk along the bike paths gives community members an extra incentive to get out in nature and explore the area by foot or bike! No matter your exercise of choice the bike path is the perfect spot to indulge.

Avalon Free Public Library

A visit to a library is a multisensory experience that engages all the best ways we learn throughout life stages. So, break out your library card and make an appointment for curbside pickup at your local library because the entire world is right there on their shelves, waiting to be discovered. Also be sure to check out Avalon History Center to learn more about the local area. For more information on current COVID library protocols and hours and the History center please visit


Sunset viewing on the bay in Avalon or even from the beach will always be impressive, no matter the season. This is an activity that can be enjoyed all year around. Taking in a Avalon sunset at the end of the day can make all the difference in appreciating life and nature. 

Recreation and Playgrounds

Avalon offers a variety of outdoor playgrounds, recreation facilities and fields. From baseball fields, to tennis courts, to a kayak park, there is recreational fun for everyone! For more information, please visit