Chef’s Gardens Featured at Rio

On Saturday, Chef Richard Ware Rutherford III paired his talents with guest Chef Josiah Hernandez of Chef’s Garden in Rincon, Puerto Rico using fresh, all natural ingredients from Ellie’s Gardens. Produce from Rutherford’s own gardens was picked fresh that morning to create the evening’s special offerings which included selections like Crab Oscar and Ellie’s Garden’s Pesto.

“I like to look for flavor combinations that are unexpected,” said Chef Hernandez as he prepared an amuse-bouche, a single serve hors d’ouvre, that was presented to each guest who ordered from the Chef’s Gardens menu. The amuse-bouche he created was a balsamic reduction with manchego cheese topped with blackberry compote, with a touch of fresh arugula, basil and lavender honey.

The event was originally planned to be served in the outside courtyard of the restaurant, mirroring the natural environment with the offerings, but had to be contained indoors due to the threat of thunderstorms.

Rio Station is located just outside of the Grande Center Mall at Rt. 9 & 47, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night seven days a week starting at 7:30 a.m.