By The Slice: Vita Bella


From classic plain to gourmet creations, extra cheese to crispy thin crusts, there’s nothing like a slice of pizza at the Jersey Shore! This week, check out Vita Bella’s delicious pizza creations then order some for yourself!

White Margherita
Cheese: Mozzarella and aged provolone
Other Ingredients: Diced tomatoes, basil, romano cheese, and garlic

Vita Bella makes the perfect white Margherita with romano cheese sprinkled on top, which is why it’s the restaurant’s best-seller. The diced tomatoes and basil are classic Margherita ingredients, but their garlic makes the flavors pop for an all-around delicious slice.

Hand-tossed New York style
Cheese: Mozzarella
Sauce: Homemade tomato

The restaurant is known for its delicious homemade tomato sauce, so it only makes sense that their plain slice is a best seller. With quality cheese, homemade sauce, and fresh dough made daily, you can’t go wrong with a classic slice of plain pizza.

If you’re looking for something other than pizza, make sure to try a panzerotti, a cheesesteak, the blackened chicken Caesar salad, or one of the many other delicious options on the menu. From the homemade sauce to the fresh garlic rolls, you can’t go wrong with any choice at Vita Bella!

Vita Bella is located at 3016 Route 9 in Seaville. They are open for takeout, delivery, and catering. Order online at or call 609-624-8300 to place your order.