Bartender of the Week: Mad Batter Restaurant & Bar

The Mad Batter Restaurant & Bar is a Cape May favorite among both locals and visitors alike. Located inside the Carroll Villa Hotel and set on Historic Jackson Street, the Mad Batter has been welcoming guests since 1882. This week’s local mixologist comes from this national landmark, and happens to be the son of Mad Batter owners Pam Huber and Mark Kulkowitz.

Kyle Kulkowitz was born and raised in West Cape May. Growing up in the hotel and restaurant industry, he has worked just about every job at the Carroll Villa and Mad Batter. Naturally, he eventually progressed to a bartending position. Kyle works at the Mad Batter year round, with a second job of being a father to his 10-month-old son. Outside of work, he enjoys biking and drinking beer.

Kyle’s favorite part about working at the Mad Batter is the laid back vibe, as well as the great clientele he and his family have built.

Come visit Kyle during Mad Batter’s Happy Hour daily from 3 to 6 p.m. Drink and dine on the beautifully renovated open front porch and take in the sights and sounds of Cape May, or sit in the skylit dining room or garden terrace. Be sure to check out the nightly dinner specials and live music line up!